Constructing self‐modeling videos: Procedures and technology


Although widely recommended, evidence‐based interventions are not regularly utilized by school practitioners. Video self‐modeling is an effective and efficient evidence‐based intervention for a variety of student problem behaviors. However, like many other evidence‐based interventions, it is not frequently used in schools. As video creation technology becomes increasingly accessible, school psychologists are better able to incorporate video self‐modeling into their practice. Built on a comprehensive review, this article describes the procedures for implementing a video self‐modeling intervention in educational settings. Video self‐modeling procedures described herein include (a) deciding whether video self‐modeling is an appropriate intervention for a situation, (b) planning for and preparing video self‐modeling procedures, (c) videotaping, (d) editing the video, (e) presenting the video, and (f) using video self‐modeling with other behavioral techniques. Additionally, further resources are offered.

Psychology in the Schools